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Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh My !!!!

Assalamualaikum Readers,

Nak cter psl secretaries day yg dah busy ni, opss basi la weiii..Oh My !!! xsangka u dpt invitation last2 minute ni.1st email xlayak u....2nd email kuar baru layak nk join all the secretaries yg vougue .Terasa diri kecik mcm semut...

Hehe....ni picisan yg nk dikongsi :-

1) Dpt PANDORA lorrr - suwettt sgt, i like color turquoise ni...ade x volunteer yg nk belikan braceletnya..Oh My !!!
2) Dpt Shopping kat sg.wang, agak jakun la jugak kan... mcm lari2 gitu nk masuk semua kedai...murah!!! murah!!!murah!! Oh My !!! lagi...
3) Dpt bertegur sape dgn all secretaries yg before ni kenal melalui phone...aku tumpang event secretaries ni so aku kena behave...Oh My !!! aku ni mane reti diam weiii.

Smile....Oh My !!!

That's all. Thank u

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yours & Mine

Assalamualaikum Readers,

Just to update about yours & mine...

Yours and mine, mine and yours,
Love story is difficult,
Can't tell it in two words,
This story of a girl and a boy is new,
Can't express it in two words..

Yours and mine, mine and yours,
Love story is difficult,
Can't tell it in two words,
Separated from each other when made for each other..

When I loved you, I got the world,
But never thought (even) your shadow will be miles away,
Ya ALLAH why you gave me such a dream,
When you had to break it in reality..

Every moment of your and my talks is unknown to all else
Can't express it in two words..
You're in every feeling, and your story in every memory
Can't express it in words..

The entire day passes, all the night I am awake,
Your thought troubles me day and night,
This longing is saying that the distances should go
Which exist between you and me..

Lots of Lurve ~ ~